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Mar 6, 2009

DesmoHarley - Italian American V-Twin Completed

This is a project by Chris Barber...He's just completed DesmoHarley his own superbly amazing Harley Davidson engine with Ducati head... I’m stunned at how awesome this is. I mean, who takes two such dissimilar engine components and puts them together? I’m thoroughly job dude...

Chris words:

The heads are the early large valve 900ss type, both the heads are rear heads with the front turned around 180 degrees and running a front head cam, this gives me two heads with horizontal fins and orients the carbs and exhausts in better positions for the 45 degree layout.

I didn’t need to do any head work to get a 10.3:1 ratio because the Ducati has a fairly low ratio with domed pistons, so by going with flat top pistons with the extra displacement, the ratio worked out perfectly.

Chris had to design his own gear drive system for the cams in order to complete his project. Axtell cylinder have their own bolts to attach to the cases plus bolt holes in the correct pattern for the Ducati heads.

Hua susah tu...tapi kalo dah minat, sume bende jadi senang...tambahan lakbeliau sebelum ni penah reka macam2 jenis enjin...ALFA ROMEO V6 pon Chris penah letak kat Harley frame for his ALFABIKE.... gempak abes...kalo mamat ni jawab thermo mesti senang je fullmark...

Spesifikasi Enjin ni:

80 cubic inches/1340cc

Compression ratio:

2X38mm flatslide Mikuni

Keith Black flat top (8.5:1 in a stock 80 inch Harley)

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