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Mar 10, 2009

Otai Besar??


korng kenal sapekah pereka "The two-stroke spark ignition engine" yang kengkadang dikenali sebgi "Clerk Cycle Engine" ??

Konsep enjin in telah dicipta dan diperkenalkn oleh SIR DUGALD CLERK pada tahun 1881. Two-stroke atau Clerk Cycle nie provides power stroke untuk sume stroke....

Original ny two-stroke engine sebenarnye gune piston yg kedua as charging pump dier. sepuloh tahun kemudian lebey kurang (1891), enjin nh telah diringkaskan dengan menggunakn tekanan drpd sealed crankcase. Smart!

Illustration of the Operation of a Simple, Two-Stroke Spark Ignition Engine
the piston is at Bottom Dead Center (BDC), i.e., at the lowest point of travel within the cylinder). Using crankcase pressure, a mixture of air, gasoline and lubricant is forced into the cylinder, and exhaust gases are driven out.
the compression of the air/fuel mixture as the piston moves upwards, covering the air intake and exhaust ports. This happens on every upward stroke of the piston.
the piston as it reaches the uppermost portion of it's travel at Top Dead Center(TDC). At this point, the spark plug is fired, igniting the compressed mixture within the cylinder. At the same time, gasoline and oil vapor are being drawn into the crank-case in preparation for the next stroke.

the downward stroke, wherein the exhaust port opens, and the cylinder is swept clean of burnt fuel by the fresh air from the inlet port. The gasoline, lubricant and air charge within the crank-case is compressed during this stroke, in preparation for the next stroke.

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